Forging Equipment

ProcessMechanical EquipmentProduction LineQ’TYForging Weight
Hot ForgingPress600T40.01~3KG
Hot ForgingAir Drop Hammer3/4T10.1~3KG
Hot ForgingAir Drop Hammer1.3T
Aluminum ForgingPress600T10.01~3KG

Mold Equipment

Equipment NameQ’TY
CNC Milling Machine1

QC Equipment

Equipment NameTypeQ’TY
2.5D Optical PprojectorTOMAS M211
Rockwell Hardness MachineHR-150DT1
Tension MachineTESET1
Tension MachineTESET1
Portable Infrared ThermometerSENTRY ST6271

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Quality is first; Efficiency priority; To meet all customer needs; Manufacture excellent products.

Certified Experience

In February 2011 through the ISO 9001 quality system certification.

Management Policy

Integrity, Innovation, Customer trust.

Business Philosophy

Humanity management, Innovation, Everyone’s involvement, Sustainable management.